Easy Ikebana: 30 Beautiful Flower Arrangements You Can Make in Three Simple Steps


You don’t need exotic plants or expensive vases to create a stunning, Japanese-style floral arrangement. Even a single flower from your garden or local flower shop, combined with a simple container that matches its size and shape, can result in a uniquely beautiful addition to your space.


Easy Ikebana shows you how to apply the principles of ikebana in three simple steps:


  1. Prepare your stems and leaves
  2. Place your flower(s)
  3. Add foliage to complement them.

These arrangements show how striking understatement can be ― not to mention how affordable! The gentle lessons in this book take the stress out of flower arranging, and make it a relaxing and satisfying activity, anytime of the year! The stunning photos will inspire you with the beauty and power of simplicity ― the very heart of ikebana.

Shinichi Nagatsuka is an award-winning floral designer whose work has graced such events as the ceremony marking the Dalai Lama’s visit to Japan and others. His authored works cover ikebana at all levels, from the most basic to the most intricate. He is an active instructor who has made numerous television appearances in his native Japan, in which he demonstrates design basics and tutorials for quick flower arrangements. He is president of N Flower Design International, an instructional network teaching floral design throughout Japan.


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